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Ajazz AK820 Pro Hot-Swappable Gift Switch Tri Mode Mechanical Keyboard

The Ajazz AK820 Pro is a game changer in the world of mechanical keyboards, with a slew of features that alter the typing experience. Its most notable feature is the incorporation of a TFT screen, which introduces an interactive interface and takes user customisation to new heights. The keyboard has the internationally renowned 75% compact design, which strikes an ideal compromise between space savings and functionality. The AK820 Pro provides numerous connectivity choices, including Type-C cable, Bluetooth 5.0, and 2.4GHz modes, to accommodate a wide range of user preferences and device compatibility. The keyboard has a gasket-mounted and flex-cut PC plate and PCB beneath the keys, which allows for a responsive and tactile typing experience. The South-facing LEDs, along with a brilliant 1.6M RGB lighting system, not only enhance the aesthetics but also contribute to a dynamic and immersive visual experience. Compatibility with both Mac and Windows operating systems allows a smooth transition for users across platforms. Notably, the AK820 Pro features a metal volume knob, which adds a tactile and ergonomic aspect to music management. In essence, the Ajazz AK820 Pro 75% Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard exemplifies innovation by combining a small and efficient design with sophisticated functions that meet the different demands of mechanical keyboard fans.

TFT Screen Interactive Interface

This 75% mechanical keyboard has a TFT Screen, which serves as your interactive interface for real-time updates and personalization. The high-definition display supports customized graphics, battery status, date and time display, networking and operating system display, and backlighting effects. With this TFT Screen feature analysis, you can readily comprehend the Ajazz AK820 Pro's complete range of capabilities and why it differs from other keyboards on the market.


The hot-swappable sockets of Ajazz AK820 Pro are placed on the PCB, allowing you to install or replace the switches without soldering (for hot-swappable versions only). The PCB supports both three- and five-pin MX mechanical switches.

Wireless & Wired Connectivity

The Ajazz AK820 Pro is compatible with Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless connections, as well as the provided Type-C USB connector. Bluetooth 5.1 improves keyboard response time and battery efficiency compared to previous Bluetooth versions. The keyboard may also be quickly swapped between three modes, allowing for effective multitasking and fast performance. The included 4000mAh battery assures extended and consistent use, with no risk of shorting out.