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Attack Shark X6 wireless gaming keyboard
Attack Shark X6 wireless gaming keyboard
Attack Shark X6 with Dock
Attack Shark X6 with Dock
Attack Shark Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
Attack Shark Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
Attack Shark X6 black keyboard
Attack Shark X6 black keyboard

  • X6 ultra-light mouse is born for players who pursue extreme weight. Through the innovative liquid nitrogen cooling injection molding, the weight of the mouse is reduced to 49g. It is 30% lighter than G PRO X and 20% lighter than Aerox 3, allowing players to move the mouse faster during game operations, speeding up the operation, and reducing the fatigue caused by long-term use.


  • Simply place your X6 mouse on the base and it's always charged and ready for any adventure. Magnetic design, convenient and fast. There is also a touch switch on the charging base, which can switch the lighting effect by touching it.


  • The X6 Gaming Mouse is equipped with the latest PixArt 3395 flagship sensor, with a DPI of up to 26,000 and can be adjusted in 6 levels. Whether you use it for daily work or professional gaming, X3 can easily meet your needs.

  • BK3633 TRI-MODES

  • In order to meet the needs of different scenarios, the X3 high-performance mouse is equipped with a BK3633 chip, providing three different connection modes, wired USB-C, 2.4GHz and Bluetooth mode, which can be easily switched through the button on the back of the mouse.


  • The ultra-long-life mouse is equipped with KAILH GM8.0 Micro Switch 3 Pin. Releasing force 25gf(min), Operating force 65±10gf, Conduction itinerary 0.3±0.2mm, Touch feeling 25%. Gold plated contacts. No double click. The click life is more than 80 million times and can be used for decades.


  • The X6 rechargeable mouse is equipped with a super long battery life. It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge. After simulating the test of normal usage scenarios, it can be used for up to 200 hours at intervals on a single charge. Long battery life can help you play various games for a long time.


  • The X6 mouse wheel adopts a TTC encoder, which has been deeply optimized, debugged and calibrated, making the hand feel crisper, the rebound faster, and the sense of scale is very strong. It is suitable for FPS games, allowing you to switch guns one step faster than the enemy.


  • The X6 professional gaming mouse has an independently developed driver software. DPI adjustment, return rate, custom macro button programming and other settings can be performed. Allows you to release combined skills with one click and become a master player in seconds.


  • Different from the honeycomb shell mouse, X6 does not punch holes in the shell to reduce weight. This is because X3 needs to provide the most comfortable hand feeling in consideration of the different postures of holding the mouse, such as fit grip, finger grip, grip, etc.


  • X6 ultra-light mouse is widely applicable to multiple operating systems, such as win7/8/10/11/Mac/Android/Xbox. If you encounter any problem, please feel free to contact our staff, we will solve your problem within one working day.


49g SUPERLIGHT, Magnetic Charging Dock, PixArt PAW3395 Gaming Sensor, BT/2.4G Wireless/Wired Gaming Mouse, 26000 DPI