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Incott GHERO 8Khz PAW3395 Gaming Mouse

Note:If you want to use 8k mode,please do 8k firmware upgrade,then do the wired mode firmware. then you could use 8k.


>Customized Flagship PAW3395 Sensor.

>Ultra-Fast 8000Hz Response Time(8K receiver have to be bought separately).

>32000DPI Maximum Sensitivity.

>Ultra-Precise DPI Adjustment(with 50DPI levels).

>Natural Ergonomic Shape.

>Huanuo Transparent Blue Shell Pink-Dot Switches.

>Dual-Mode Connectivity(can be upgraded via firmware for three-mode).

>Available in Six Beautiful Color Options.

>Outstanding Battery Life: Up to 143 hours(Pro model)/Up to 95 hours(normal model).

>Weight: 60 grams(normal model)/64 grams(pro model).

Incott presents the all-new Ghero 8K wireless gaming mouse. Equipped with a customized flagship PAW3395 sensor, the Ghero mouse offers a maximum sensitivity of up to 32000DPI. It supports pixel-precise DPI adjustment with a precise adjustment with 50 DPI intervals. Incott Ghero mouse with its 8K return rate is about 8 times faster than any regular gaming mouse out there.

Instantaneous Response With 8K Return Rate Support:-

Incott Ghero is a high-performance gaming mouse. With the support of 8K return rate, the Incott Ghero provides smoother tracking and lag-free almost instant trigger response. It is 8 times faster than a normal gaming mouse. Do note that you have to purchase 8K receiver for the mouse separately.

Customized PAW3395 Sensor:-

Incott has equipped the Ghero mouse with a customized PAW3395 sensor. It has been customized to support 32000DPI maximum sensitivity and users can precisely adjust the sensitivity with 50DPI adjustments.

Ergonomic and Lightweight Design:-

Incott Ghero mouse is designed in an ergonomic and lightweight design. The mouse provides a comfortable grip for the users. The Normal variant weighs 60 grams while the Pro model weighs approx 64 grams.

Versatile Connectivity Options:-

The Incott Ghero mice support versatile connectivity options. Straight out of the box, they support dual-mode connectivity featuring Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB connection modes, Users can upgrade the firmware on the mouse and make them support Wireless Bluetooth mode as well making it a three-mode connection after the update.

Long-Lasting Battery:-

Incott Ghero mice provide exceptionally solid battery life. The normal variant has a rated durability of up to 95 hours while the Pro variant with an efficient master chipset promises a battery life of up to 143 hours.

Ultra-Fast Charging:-

Incott Ghero mouse supports lightning-fast charging. The Pro version can be charged from 0 to 100% in just 50 minutes. Your work will never suffer, the mouse will always be ready to work in just a few minutes of charging.